About us

Have you ever wondered what people with type 1 diabetes in the wilds of Aberdeen City and Shire look like? Whether they also enjoy a good vintage Jelly Baby to treat lows? How they manage diabetes during exercise or if they also get eaten alive by midges in summer? Well, wonder no more! 

The Grampian Type 1 Diabetes Community Group is a Diabetes Scotland community group which aims to provide a local community for people with type 1 diabetes in and around Aberdeen. We meet on a fairly informal basis approximately once a month, to catch up and provide support to each other. So far, we’ve done everything from coffee, dinner and even a round of miniature golf. 

Why not join us in person at one of our upcoming meet-ups? The only pre-requisite for attending is living life with type 1 diabetes; whether you and your diabetes live the settled life of an old married couple, or are still newlyweds on honeymoon!

Although we don’t have a regular meeting time and place, we will advertise our sessions in good time, so hopefully you will join us. Meantime, please do get in touch via our website, social media or email.